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Three Cases Of Water Leakage In Faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 08, 2017

There is a possibility of water leakage after the installation of a faucet. Why does this happen? This article will list three common cases of water leakage and introduce the corresponding solutions.

1, Leakage of the outlet: that is due to the wear of the shaft washer in the faucet.Use pliers to loosen and remove the gland, remove the axial gasket and replace with the new axial gasket.

2, Leakage in the lower part of the faucet is leaking: it is caused by the wear of the triangular seal inside the faucet. You can take the screw loose and take the head off,then loose the lid, then remove the inner triangle of the lid and replace it with a new one.

3 ,The place where two pipes are connected is easy to leak water: it may be caused by the failure of connecting two pipes, may also be caused by loose screw cap. You can fasten the screw cap or replace new U type gasket.

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