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Guide For Cleaning The Faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 15, 2017

The Method Of Reducing Lead In The Faucet

1. Drain off the overnight water. When using the faucet, we should drain off the water that is left on the faucet for long period of time first, such as overnight water.

2. Safety certification. Choose products that are certified by the quality certification center. For example, Goodro's faucets are all IAMPO UPC,CUPC,NSF and AB1953 certified

3. Well-known brands. Choose the famous brand, because brand manufacturer has a strict quality control procedure, raw material and technology..

4. Consult the dealer for the material used in the faucet, and observe whether the surface of the  faucet is smooth. If it is not smooth, do not buy it.

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