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Basin Faucet Leaking How To Do?

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

1, if the hot and cold water faucet is a total inlet valve control, then the closure of the total valve. When the hot and cold water inlet pipe is separated, then close the corresponding two valves.

2, with a flat screwdriver to open the above icon accessories "01 hot and cold standard (handle fixed screw plug)";

3, with a flat-blade screwdriver into the handle fixed screw plug (hot and cold standard hole), counterclockwise (L) screwdriver about 3 laps;

4, with the left hand full grasp the faucet handle, force up, together with the screwdriver back handle (it is necessary for the non-metallic materials, or damage to the faucet outer surface) up quietly percussion, so accessories "02 water handle"

5, counterclockwise (L) accessories "03 end cover", the end cap and the main part;

6, with the activities wrench initially on the accessories "04 core tight set hexagonal" hexagonal position, adjust the initial standard wrench, counterclockwise rotation, remove the ceramic spool view, if intact clockwise (D), tight The fixed force; if damaged, then replace the new valve core.

7, the original replacement parts "03 end cover", "02 water handle", "01 hot and cold standard (note red represents the hot water side, blue represents the cold side)

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