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Widespread bathroom faucets under $100

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Bathroom Faucet FAQ

1. The faucet is loose and screwed.

Faucet Knob Valve is not tightened because the valve aging gap, need to replace the valve. If the faucet is loose, it is because the screw loosening, just open the faucet, the screws can be tightened, if the faucet is not knob valve type, you need to replace the entire valve or contact the installation of manufacturers.

2. The faucet has the different sound because the water pressure is too high, there are the hot and cold water pipes are fixed bad cause, sometimes even the water inlet has scale will emit strange sound. After lowering the water pressure, check the installation of the plumbing has not installed lax place, basically can solve the problem, if there is a problem is the water pipe into the obstruction, need to dredge the pipeline.


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