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Widespread bathroom faucet chrome

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Chromium is the most common form of the presence of alloy elements used in stainless steel, to enhance the hardness of stainless steel. 

Chrome plating process is usually divided into three types: decorative coating, hard chromium plating and black chrome plating. Chrome coating is widely used in engineering field, and decorative chrome plating is usually used as the most surface layer outside the nickel layer, and the coating has exquisite and exquisite polishing effect like the mirror. As a decorative post-processing process, chrome coating thickness is only 0.006 mm. When you intend to use chrome plating process, be sure to fully consider the danger of this process. In recent ten years, the trend of hexavalent chrome water has been replaced by trivalent chromium water, because the former has a very strong carcinogenicity, while the latter is considered to be relatively less toxic.


Material characteristics:

Very high finish

Excellent anti-corrosion performance

Hard and durable

Easy to clean

Low coefficient of friction.

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