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We did not pay attention to the LED intelligent faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

Saying that the application of LED in the smart home is varied, we think most of the LED light bulbs, LED watches and LED wrist, etc., very few people think of such humble home faucet equipment, today we look at the LED together on the faucet Fun smart days.

Digital sensor faucets and showers not only use a high degree of ergonomic equipment to ensure that the operation is simple and comfortable, but also through the electronic temperature control can accurately set the water flow speed and temperature, and set the parameters will immediately appear in the LED display screen . Users only need to quietly touch the water can be free to head, side spray, hand-held, etc. are not the same between the spray form to transform. With a LED display screen, but also through contact with the control of the bath and shower the size of the water temperature. Together with the user can also carry out long-distance control through its smart phone, so we can take the initiative in the bath before the bath put away. The built-in Bluetooth-enabled F-digital circular controller facilitates consumer operation of the water, which can easily be manipulated by the outer ring knobs, even when filled with foam.

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