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Waterfall bathroom vessel sink faucet oil rubbed bronze

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Valve Core If you are using thermostatic faucet, spool quality is extremely important, the use of low-quality raw materials, the production of rough thermostatic valve core may lead to water temperature instability, more dangerous will be damaged, resulting in burns. The market of thermostatic faucet spool is mostly made of pure copper or ceramics, the core part of the use of shape memory alloy spring, in the premise of good technology, the faucet reaction speed, temperature stability, use safety. Should be careful to avoid the thermostat faucet valve core with plastic and other heat-resistant products, or the core part of the use of paraffin thermostat components. Paraffin constant temperature component is the first generation of thermostatic valve core, its reaction speed is slow, the temperature instantaneous beyond the value is too large, whether in safety or comfort can not be compared with shape memory alloy spring.


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