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Vintage kitchen faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

How to change the kitchen faucet?

1.Is to close the total switch, cut off the water.

2.Close the water source switch, please go to the water injection pipe to find the faucet water pipe interface, need to pinch the pipe above the metal joints, force to rotate around a few, the original old faucet down.


3.The water pipe is removed and put aside, this is you will find that the joints of these pipes and pipe wall are very dirty, hardware store also has such a pipe, you can replace the old tube. Because the original tube time is long, will be weathered, leaking and so on, so take advantage of changing the faucet, you can change them.

4.After removing the water pipe, please hold this faucet with your hand, then turn around and turn the faucet loose. 5, after twisting the faucet, you can easily remove the plastic knob under the faucet. Then you can tear down the whole faucet.

6.The new faucet can be installed directly on it, and then open the total switch to test its use.

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