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Towel racks to buy skills, raw materials is good or bad points

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

From the quality of selection

All copper towel rack optimal, followed by aluminum towel rack; again is the stainless steel towel rack, the final is the zinc alloy towel rack.

Can be selected according to moisture

Because the towel rack where the environment is wet, determines the towel rack moisture and corrosion resistance is particularly important. When we buy, we should fully consider the raw materials linked to the towel, from which to make a selection.

Recommend several data towel rack

Copper chrome towel rack: copper "rust" is green, that is, we often say "green." "Copper green" is the copper and oxygen generated by chemical reaction of copper oxide. In order to block the copper and oxygen touch, so on its surface coated with a layer of metal chromium, chromium stability is very good, and wear-resistant, also appeared bright color, very beautiful. Through the copper plating after the towel rack and the air can not touch will not be long "green."

Alumina towel rack: aluminum products, poor hardness, and will be black, but after oxidation of alumina products, the hardness has been greatly improved, it will not black, good wear resistance, alumina is not Will rust.

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