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Teach you how to choose a healthy faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

Before buying a faucet, first clear the usefulness of the faucet, as well as from a required function, the right one is the best. Taps are generally available in the basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink, not the same as the local taps are not the same.

From the device approach, the faucet into the wall and vertical, mainly depends on the use and installation of the environment is not the same, together, vertical faucet is divided into two kinds of high-foot low-foot size, the main plan to choose according to the basin.

From the construction point of view, the faucet can be divided into single-and double-type, in addition, there are single-handle and double handle of the points. Single-type can be accessed by cold water pipes or hot water pipes, the switch as long as a way to control the size of water, double-type can be connected with two hot and cold pipes can rotate and up and down, to control the size of the water with hot and cold switching , And more for the bath basin and a kitchen with hot water supply tap basin.

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