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Swivel spout kitchen faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 22, 2017

Anti-calcification system:Calcium is deposited in the showerhead and in the automatic cleaning system,and the same happens to the faucet,where the silicon is gathered.The integrated air washer has an anti-calcification system that also prevents the device from being calcified internally.

Anti-backflow system:the system to prevent dirty water is sucked into the water pipe,by a layer of material composition. Equipment equipped with anti-backflow system will be marked on the packaging surface DVGW through the logo.


Cleaning:Streamlined design does not require much cleaning.Do not use the decontamination powder,polishing powder and other coarse particles of detergent or nylon brush cleaning,with the amount of dilute the shampoo, bath liquid dipped cloth wipe,rinse with water, with a dry soft cloth wipe the faucet.

Material:stainless steel is hygienic and environmentally friendly.Branded chrome equipment is easy to care and harmless,but in the manufacturing process also need to add some other elements.So it must be noted that the equipment is what materials to do,not all countries have such a high German standards.

Durability:The anti-calcification system protects the equipment from the risk of water leakage and handle damage.

Repair:In the cost of repair,a variety of equipment is very different,and some of the equipment is not very simple to get the material.Repair is actually quite simple,but to have the appropriate accessories,of course,but also a structural map,or demolition did not know how to install back.

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