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Sink faucets for bathroom

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 12, 2017

Principle of sink faucet

What is the principle of the sink faucet? Induction faucet is now more and more popular, is a relatively high-tech faucet, so today will be a simple introduction of the work of the sensor faucet.

1.The induction faucet is through the infrared reflection principle, when the human hand is placed in the faucet's infra-red area, the infrared emitting tube emits the human hand's block reflex to the infrared receiver tube, through the integrated circuit of the microcomputer processing signal sent to the pulse solenoid valve, solenoid valve after receiving the signal according to the specified instructions to open the spool to control the faucet water; when the human hand leaves the infrared sensor range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, The solenoid valve spool is reset to control the water shutoff of the faucet through the internal spring.


2.Induction faucet AC power supply or DC power supply, the use of infrared sensors, in the induction area of the hand to reach the water, leaving the sensor area of the hand, water, switch to the sensor automatic completion, no need to touch the faucet, can effectively avoid bacterial cross infection, machine using micro-computer control, according to the shape of the basin to set the best induction distance, no man-made adjustment, there is also a 1-minute time-out to wash the water function, to avoid the foreign bodies long time in the induction range caused by waste, DC power supply using alkaline dry battery (6V 4.5V), built-in filter network to avoid impurities into the solenoid valve, easy to clean, beautiful appearance, strong structure, the application of crowded places.

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