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Single lever kitchen faucet leaking at base

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

In normal life,sometimes you will find the tap in the tightening or dripping,and from the faucet exit or joints at the non-stop,not only cause a lot of waste,and sometimes the sound will cause some trouble. In fact,the structure of the faucet is very simple,the maintenance of the leak is completely self-repair,in general, the problem of leakage as long as the faucet inside the shaft gasket or triangular gasket and other parts of the gasket,you can has been solved.But before the refurbishment of the home had to turn off the faucet switch.


With regard to the watertight repair at the faucet joint,the reason for the leaking is nothing more than the damage to the watertight tape that is tied to the faucet part (fixing screw). So as long as the use of pliers to remove the faucet,fixed in the fixed place to re-roll the new sealing tape can be,the following steps for the maintenance:First, the first faucet fastened,with the pliers to tap the counterclockwise Turn off.Second,the threaded hole outward, in the threaded part of the wind with the tape along the clock 5-6 back.

See whether the tap is adjusted with a good water clamp plate clamp clockwise direction,the final installation is complete,open the main switch to try to confirm to see if it will leak.

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