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Single lever bathroom faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2017

In the ware, there are many classics, this single lever faucet recently market is quite popular. When used, gently dial the slender cylindrical handle of the faucet with the hand, flashing blue-purple shiny round stainless steel ring, gush gurgling water, merrily flowing to the shell-shaped glass plate, along the edge of the tilted glass, into the river, Pentium to the hand-washing plate, forming a touching waterfall.


Classic design is classic. Designers in the oblique cylindrical stainless steel faucet and its inlaid glass between the setting of a hidden water outlet, breaking the previous intuitive, no hidden traditional water mode. The flow of water is felt, but no exit is visible. The more groundbreaking is to replace the faucetwith a glass plate outlet, so that the water in the past from the closed water pipe, the first flow into a transparent carrier, and then form a waterfall poured out. The beauty of the form of water is most fully manifested in a small space.

When you will put the hand on the light, the water will be small, gush of trickle like a brook, slowly flowing to the edge of the glass plate, forming a transparent thin water curtain, bouncing on the surface, a circle of beautiful ripples; continue to put the hands on the dial, the water will increase, water flow like a fountain, in the smooth surface of the glass to form a wide surface, and then like the horses like the Liu Fei straight down; The angle of rotation of the hand, the connected ceramic module release of water will be different, convenient and interesting.

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