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Single lever bath taps

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Bath taps Installation Instructions

Step one: The curved foot on the package of raw materials, and the buried good pipe connection, the distance between the two outlet pipe 150mm, from the ground about 900m 1000mm.

Step Two: Twist the decorative cover to ensure that the decorative cover to the wall.

Step three: Install the faucet to the curved foot, if the position is a little right, then you can make appropriate adjustments to the curved feet, and finally use the tool to tighten. Note: The connecting nut on the main body and the curved foot must be fitted with a gasket.

Step four: Will you choose the shower seat with a fixed screw fixed to the appropriate position, with shower hose connecting the main body and hand-held shower, to ensure that the connection is firm. (Installation complete, can be tested water)

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