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Single hole brushed nickel bathroom faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

1, The copper body: in terms of the faucet, copper has already become the preferred material, mainly because the antibacterial effect of copper media has been recognized by the authoritative laboratory. High-grade bathroom brand Most of the selection of copper as the main body, other materials have been eliminated has become inevitable trend.

2, Electroplating: The quality of electroplating surface is the most intuitive performance of the faucet. The surface plating is mainly nickel and chromium, so as to achieve a smooth and bright effect. Good quality of the faucet will undergo a heavy test, such as salt spray test, water test, test, and so on, to ensure the durability of the faucet. After High-precision electroplating of the faucet, durability is the basic, more importantly, its surface gloss and feel comfortable. Some of the top-grade faucet surfaces have different processing techniques, such as stainless steel surfaces and satin surfaces.


3, Filter Network: The water quality is not superior area, the installation of the filter network can reduce, filter impurities, while preventing impurities on the ceramic spool may cause damage. The installation location of the filter network is two: inlet and outlet.

4, Rotation angle: can rotate 180 degrees to make the work become convenient, but can rotate 360 degrees only to a sink in the center of the house meaningful.

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