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Single hole bathroom faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

How to tighten the hose of single hole bathroom faucet?

Before installing the faucet, we need to flush, wash the silt impurities in the water pipe, remove the sundries in the installation hole, and check the accessories in the packing box not to be mixed with impurities to avoid clogging or wear ceramic spool. Next, the faucet hose is stretched into the faucet mounting port, and the hand is tightened. Try to pull it and see if the connection is solid. Then fasten the other firmware to the faucet. Then the assembled faucet hose through the basin, connected to the fixed pieces, and then fasten with screws. During the attention of debugging, see whether the faucet and basin are connected tightly, there is no loosening. After fixing the faucet and basin, place the basin in a fixed position, then connect the other end of the hose with the inlet pipe connector. This installs basically completes.


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