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Single handle kitchen faucet with pullout spray

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

Now, more and more consumers buy taps, will be from the material, function, modelling and other aspects to consider comprehensively.

Single handle kitchen faucet characteristics

If your kitchen area is not large, then choose the single faucet is the most suitable, just use a hand can adjust the water temperature and water, very convenient. Single faucet is mainly divided into desktop single lever faucet and single lever suction faucet.


1.Desktop single faucet in the kitchen is more common, a hand to make the operation is very simple, up and down to adjust the water flow size and water temperature, very practical.

2, Single lever suction faucet the biggest advantage is to more easily clean the kitchen inside the edge corner angle, as well as ordinary faucet can not reach the place, expand the cleaning area, for the kitchen cleaning brought convenience.

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