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Single handle faucet parts

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

1.Single control spool,the main control of the faucet flow,through the rotation control,the general maximum degree of rotation is 90 degrees,its material composition of the main material for the barrel material,of which 59% for the lead brass,there are a small amount of Ceramic and silicone made of O-ring.There is also a single handle double control spool,its maximum rotation angle is 90 degrees,opening angle of 25 degrees.The same single handle double control spool,the maximum rotation angle of 90 degrees, opening angle of 25 degrees.


2, Filter, mainly as a special tool for water purification,the general faucet will be used,the filter type is very much, different materials,different uses have different types and materials.

3,Rubber parts, generally O-ring,the main play the role of sealing, dynamic sealing and static seal two.There are Y-rings and pads.

4, The hose,mainly the hose of the water,for the bathroom is mainly pull the hose.

5,The installation,M8 single control horseshoe mat,M6 double hole horseshoe pad, M6 double hole to increase the pull horseshoe pad.

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