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Roman tub faucet with hand shower

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Bath Faucet Selection Tips:

1.The applicability choice:

In the purchase of bathtub faucet, be sure to understand the home bathroom space Drainage system composition, to see what kind of control way to choose the faucet.

2.Handle choice:

In the selection of bathtub faucet can be repeatedly rotating its faucet handle, good faucet in the rotation of the hand, the faucet and switch between the no excessive clearance, and switch easily unimpeded, not skid, and the poor quality faucet and switch between the gap is not only large, but also turn the handle when the sense of obstruction.


3.Material choice:

Generally recommended selection of copper material faucet is relatively good, because of its good sealing performance, wear-resistant, long life, but the market copper faucet its material is often not guaranteed, fake and shoddy products are more, so in the purchase must pay more attention, you can knock listen to its voice, if its voice is more boring, then the description can also, if its voice is more crisp, not recommended to buy; In addition, in the selection of copper material faucet, but also pay attention to its surface plating process The general surface smooth and exquisite without burr product is good.

4.After sale choice:

Faucet only to buy home after the installation just know whether there is any problem, so in the purchase must pay attention to its after-sales service, the proposal as far as possible to choose the brand manufacturers to buy, to ensure the quality of after-sales service.

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