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Pull out spray kitchen tap

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

The advantages of pulling-pull faucet

The drawing-type faucet is convenient to use. Shampoo can be washed, if used to wash the head will be much more convenient, usually hanging there can also be used as a common faucet. To the baby bath, quite convenient, do not have to buy a bath for the baby, directly with the sink can bath, and pull-type faucet, water soft, not worried about choking the baby.

Pull-type taps are not much higher at the price. About 20%. Pull-type faucet in the quality, thick and compact material, the use of multi-layer electroplating technology, uniform color, high temperature resistance. First-class internal quality, the use of imported ceramic valve core, the details of the outlet foaming device to add filter network design, pure and soft water, reliable performance.


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