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Pull out mixer taps kitchen

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

With the improvement of the technology, kitchen faucet more and more styles, as an important kitchen supplies, design novelty can be added, but the practicality should not be ignored. Pull-type faucet, retractable freely, can meet the different needs of the kitchen cleaning, in recent years has been a lot of consumer attention.

Material Safety

The adoption of internationally recognized food grade 304 stainless steel well-built, stainless steel compared to copper faucet has obvious advantages, first green environmental protection, stainless steel faucet lead-free, no health safety hazards, will not produce two of water pollution, do not damage human health. Second, clean simple, material hardness is high, in the cleaning has a lot of convenience, with clean water and steel ball can easily remove the surface of stainless steel faucet stains.


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