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Pull down kitchen faucets stainless steel

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 22, 2017

For pulling the faucet, many people are no strangers. But more contact, is to see the pull in the kitchen faucet, rinse the sink is very convenient. But today to tell you is the basin pull the faucet is used in the bathroom, wash your face every day will be used to wash


I believe that many sister paper have such a feeling: one day does not wash your hair does not matter, but one day do not wash the bangs, this thing may be big. Recalled every morning to wash the bangs of the action, his head buried deep in the basin, uncomfortable; hands holding water to Liuhai soaked, inconvenient.

The traditional faucet is also very easy to get the water splash, often wet the whole hair and collar. In fact, Han paper who often have such trouble, morning shampoo particularly troublesome, often make their own back pain.

And pull the faucet can be drawn according to their own needs, steering, not only shampoo can save half the effort, clean the basin is also a lot easier.

Gravity hammer design, pull after a loose hand can easily return; two water mode (leading water and shower water), to meet your diverse water needs. Xiao Bian need to be honest is: taking into account the practicality and safety, this basin pull the faucet did not use all the copper material, ABS high temperature nozzle design, can effectively prevent burns, more suitable for the elderly and children.

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