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Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Kitchen Mixer Selection Guide: To prevent water leakage should also be saved

The kitchen is a big position for the consumption of water resources at home. In particular, more and more people are worried about pesticide residues, whether vegetables or fruits must be soaked several times to eat, which leads to the increase in kitchen water consumption. Therefore, when buying a kitchen faucet, water saving is a problem that has to be considered. In addition to the ordinary faucet, there is also a special water-saving faucet in the market, saving about 30%-40% more than the ordinary faucet. Section faucetis the main faucet in the installation of the foaming device, the air into the water, so that in the flushing water slowed down the flow, reduce the amount of water, play a role in saving energy. The faucet also has a splash function to avoid the problem of splashing around every time you wash the vegetables.


Another key factor in the selection of the kitchen faucet is the prevention of water leakage. Because the kitchen faucet open and close the frequency is high, if the quality is too bad, use soon after the leakage, the water dripping phenomenon, causes the waste. Faucet leakage does not leak the key is the valve core, generally think that ceramic spool is currently more advanced valve core technology. Compared to the ordinary spool, with a strong wear resistance, good sealing function, and its waterproof performance is better, it is recommended that the best choice of ceramic spool faucet. In addition, the purchase of the faucet, but also to personally test the switch is smooth, to see whether the surface of the lead plating layer smooth or not, these are the key factors in judging the leader.

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