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Polished brass kitchen faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

At present, the production of faucets on the world is made of zinc alloy, brass, iron, stainless steel, etc. The alloy is easy to oxidize after plating, and it is not durable, and the alloy will be harmful, iron is more durable Rust, rust on the body the same harmful. Brass faucet made out of the plating will not be oxidized, off, with a long time as long as the maintenance of the surface will be bright as new, and will not rust, especially durable. However, there are some businesses in particular in recent years when the price of copper soared, they are in pursuit of higher profits, regardless of quality, cut corners, so we buy brass faucet is best to find some reputable brand.


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