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Polished brass faucets bathroom

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

Brief introduction to the process of polishing the faucet

First of all, prepare the polishing tools, abrasive materials and sand belt, do a good job in the adjustment machine. Carry out coarse grinding of taps (No. 60th or No. 80th) to remove rough surface and potholes then use (No. 180th or No. No. 240) to grind the sand belt, grind the surface and trim the outline; the next (No. 320 or No. No. 400) Abrasive belt is milled three times to make the surface more ideal for appearance and line clarity and symmetry. The No. 600 sand belt is followed by finishing so that the surface reaches an ideal contour and has been stereotyped as a real appearance entity. There are no obvious holes and pores in the surface. Finally, 800 sand processing, so that the surface smooth and clean "shelter. or polished to make the surface smooth and bright, the lines more smooth and smooth. In the meantime, each process by the inspector for the first piece of inspection, the process of inspection, after the bus check sign after the order, strict checks, to ensure quality.


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