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One hole bathroom sink faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 12, 2017

Matters needing attention in installing sink faucet

1.A lot of faucet production companies have a certain quality assurance commitment to products, the general leading manufacturers to implement three-year quality assurance, commitment to three years of product quality issues free repair, three years later can enjoy life-long service.

2.Cold, hot water supply pipe should not be installed against. In general, the face of the faucet to the left of the hot water supply pipe, the right side of the water supply pipe. Except for special identification.


3.Disassemble the water hose, do not wrap the tape, do not use a spanner, directly with the hand to tighten can, or damage the hose.

4.Hanging wall-type faucet according to the need to determine the length of the elbow, or elbow exposed to too many walls, the impact of aesthetics.

5.As far as possible in the installation of basin, bidet, wash basin, bathtub before installing the faucet.

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