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Oiled bronze kitchen faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

The faucet has a single handle and a double handle. According to the structure can be divided into single, double and triple and so on several taps. Single-type can be connected to the cold water pipe or hot water pipe; double-type can also be hot and cold at the same time two pipes, and more for the bathroom basin and a hot water supply kitchen toilet basin faucet; triple in addition to hot and cold water Pipe, but also can take the shower nozzle, mainly for thebathtub faucet.


1,The main faucet

Faucet body refers to the body, mainly bronze material, but now has replaced with brass, high-grade leading copper content of 85% or more. Imported faucet basically no stomata, and domestic leading because of the price on the backward technology, the surface of the limitations of sand processing, the lack of imported Chinese speech on the unique pressure resistance, wear resistance of the amount of corrosion resistance.

2,Faucet spool

Faucet spool is the lifeblood of the faucet, to a large extent determine the quality of the faucet and life. Faucet spool mainly ceramic spool, ball spool, stainless steel spool, and rubber spool. Which is the best ceramic spool, bees good performance, physical stability. General ceramic spool faucet can be used for 5 to 10 years.

3,Faucet internal structure

The internal structure of the hot and cold faucet is mainly connected with gooseneck tube, hammer tube, sealing ring, lower packing box and connecting center tube; hot and cold faucet spool with cold and hot two holes, and sealing ring to ensure sealing performance The core controls the opening and closing state of the two holes, and the main work is controlled by the ceramic pieces on it.

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