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Modern kitchen taps

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2017

What's the choice of a kitchen taps?

1.The appearance of the treatment: Chrome, gold-plated fashion, buyers do not know how to choose, a good plating layer of 3 floors, there are a lot of sellers say 5 floor is the best electric bottom, the people in the line are well known, 3 floor is the best, just as the iron Gate you brush 3 layers and brush 5 layers of paint up, you look at the 5 layer of falling fast or 3 layer of fast, copper electroplating is the same. Three layer plating is not thick or thin, just good, so in the selection of the time you had better choose 3-layer plating for the best.

2.The main body of the use of wood: There are a lot of taps are selected zinc alloy to do, the price is relatively cheap, but the bad thing is to use a long time, will be like iron, slowly rust. This rust is casual, difficult to detect. So choose when the proposal rather choose your point of price and do not choose a low-cost faucet.


3.Do not choose the brand loud enough. Faucet brand sounded to those manufacturers, most of the products are to find some small enterprise agent production, so the quality or not, believe that their understanding to buy is the best.

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