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Modern faucets for bathroom sinks

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

1. Look at the appearance first. The main body of the sink faucet is made of brass, bronze (or copper alloy), after being polished and cast, then plated with chromium and other appearance punishment. Fast hot faucet price. The product main body casting and appearance punishment have solemn and serious process request, over water hot faucet. And through the neutral salt spray experiment, should be in the corresponding period of time without corrosion. Thus select the faucet, should be picked to pay attention to its appearance, hand touch no burr, heard that the hot water faucet. Look no pores, etching, no oxidation freckles, bright bright ze, how to buy bathroom hardware pendants, faucets, stainless steel sinks. Feel the thickness of the coating. The surface of the faucet has galvanized, titanium plating, painting and so on. Coating thickness is better, can be used to look at the surface of the coating can be bright. namely hot-type electric faucet agent. The coating of the imported faucet is thicker, not easy to be scattered and oxidized. Tap。 Plating layer should love film, want to know pendant. No love film plating layer easily faded.


2. Tap the main body of the sink, can sound dull, and carefully look at the faucet interface, whether for copper, if the sound loud and clear, it is not stainless steel material, of course, some. Then look at the various parts of the faucet, mainly to see whether the parts assembly precision, the creation of electric faucet. Good faucet valve body, the handle all uses the brass refinement, the self-respect is heavier, has the dignified feeling.

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