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Modern bathroom sink faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

1.Gently rotate the faucet handle, can be simple and active, there is a sense of stagnation. Look at the faucet switch seamless, tight, not slippery sink faucet is relatively better. The poor gap is large, the sense of obstruction.

2.Check the various parts of the faucet to see if the assembly can be precise and loose. Usually the single handle faucet is shipped with assembly dimension drawing and explanatory book. Before the assembly and use should be opened the commodity Packaging review certificate, etc., lest is "three no" products. More attention should be paid to imported goods. should also review the accessories can be intact, usually accessories should be installed: (1) A full set of solid bolts and solid copper pieces and gaskets, (2) a full set of lifting water, (3) two into the pipe. The main body is usually made of brass, bronze (or copper alloy).


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