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Mixer taps for kitchen sink

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

1. First look at the appearance. The main body of the trough faucet is made of brass, bronze (or copper alloy) forged, after grinding and polishing, and then by chrome and other surface punishment.Fast hot tapsprices. The main product of the main casting and the appearance of punishment are quiet and serious request, over the water and hot water faucet. And through the neutral salt spray test, should be in the corresponding period of time without corrosion. Ever since the choice of leading, should tick to watch its appearance, hand touch no burr, I heard timely hot water faucet. Zhang Wang no stomata, etching, no freckles freckles, bright glossy, how to buy bathroom hardware pendant, faucet, stainless steel sink. Think about the thickness of the coating. The appearance of the faucet is galvanized, titanium, painted and so on. Thickness of the coating is better, can be used to look outside the surface of the coating can be bright. That is, hot electric faucet agent. The faucet of the imported faucet is thicker and harder to oxidize. Faucet. Electroplated layer should have love film, want to know pendant. There is no love for the film to easily fade the plating.


2. Gently turn the handle, can be simple and active, with or without hysteresis. Look at the faucet switch seamless, tense, not slippery faucet faucet is relatively better. Poor gap, large sense of resistance.

3. Tap the main body of thefaucet, whether the sound boring, and carefully look at the leading interface, whether the copper body, if the sound when the sound loud and clear, it is not stainless steel, of course, worse. Then look at the leading parts of the various parts, mainly to see whether the precision assembly parts, a joint electric water faucet. Good faucet body, handle all the use of brass refined, heavier heavier, there is a sense of dignity.

4. Review the various parts of the faucet, see whether the assembly can be loose without a sense of precision. Usually single-handle faucet at the factory are equipped with assembly drawings and the use of interpretation of the book. In the assembly before the use of commodity packaging should be opened to review the certificate, so as to avoid the "three no" products. If it is more concerned about the import of goods. (1) a full set of solid bolts and solid copper and gaskets; (2) a full set of pull water; (3) two water pipes. The main body is generally made of brass, bronze (or copper alloy) forged.

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