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Lead free kitchen faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

How do I pick a lead-free kitchen faucet?

First, look for the protection of the brand

Consumers in the purchase of faucets should be to the formal market, the purchase of well-known brands, so that you can choose to rest assured products. The use of faucets is about family health and must not be petty. Regular faucet box should have brand logo, quality assurance and after-sales service description. Remind you to buy is must be cautious, in order to ensure that the lead content is not exceeded, as far as possible to choose stainless steel faucet.


Second, observe the surface coating

In order to prevent the faucet from being oxidized, the faucet will be plated with a layer of nickel or chromium, nickel or chromium has the function of resisting neutral hydrochloric acid, and protect the faucet from corrosion for a long time. When buying, in the light enough place to see, the faucet surface no oxidation spots, no pores, no leaks and bubbles and scorch marks, color uniformity without burr and grit is a good product.

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