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Kitchen mixer taps with spray

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

How to choose the kitchen faucet

1. Main material

On the use of materials, it is recommended to select Copper as the main faucet, because its bactericidal effect is better, in line with the standards of drinking water, and not easy to rust. And it is difficult to tell what kind of material is the faucet, teach everyone a way to identify whether it is copper. Tapping with your fingers, sounds dull, then it's copper. If the sound is crisp and may be made of other materials, the quality will be poor.

2. Appearance

Generally speaking, the surface of good quality faucet will be treated by multi-layer plating layer. Its surface brightness will be better, also relatively smooth, the overall appearance of the color looks even. After this series of operation of the faucet will have a scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant performance, of course, extended its service life.


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