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Kitchen faucets industrial style

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2017

Select the faucet, should be considered from the following aspects:

A,The first is the surface coating treatment and quality.

B,The main body of thefaucet should be made of bronze or brass.

C,Leading the internal quality of the core is good or bad, directly determines the degree of water faucet and service life.

D,Faucet handle the scope of activities should be larger.

E,Should choose the water of large industrial, fast water faucet.

F,The specific purchase of the leading to pay attention to what? First of all, to move a few switches to see whether the components with a solid, close. Twist the switch, feel soft as well, if the feel tired or astringent or astringent, indicating that the assembly structure is unreasonable, so that the faucet is not in use when the water is insufficient, that is, when the water pressure increases. Therefore, in the purchase, we must pay attention to whether there is packaging, origin, inspection certificate and so on.

G, the purchase should be asked to read the instructions and view for customers to understand the internal structure of the tap samples, select the ceramic core valve faucet to buy. In general, the faucet is mainly composed of ceramic pieces, washers, fixed transparent aprons and specially made stainless steel joint screw assemblies. Ceramic tiles are made of highly durable ceramic, two tiles close together, even if 60Bar water pressure, but also cope with, will not leak, use more smoothly. Washers, the use of silicon gasket can withstand hot and cold water pressure without leakage, special stainless steel screw design precision, to avoid the hub of the good joint is too tight.


In the purchase of faucets should be noted that if the import is the brand of faucet, the product has imported instructions. If it is domestic brands have product certification, and indicate the origin, site. When you buy the key to see the feel, pull the switch to feel gentle, effortless, such as handy astringent or too light, it shows that the assembly structure is not good. Different price of the faucet in the plating quality is also different. In general, the main raw material of the faucet is divided into copper and pure copper, more advanced is copper and nickel mixed material. Pure copper because it is not easy to corrosion oxidation, after several polished, is conducive to electroplating, plating quality is also relatively good for copper. In addition, the plating thickness is also very particular about. It is understood that the current faucet plating thickness of the international standard is 8 microns, the best up to 12 microns. Factors that affect the quality of the faucet In addition to raw materials, the production mode and process procedures also played a decisive role.

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