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Kitchen faucet with sprayer installation

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

1.Prepare a word or a Phillips screwdriver, or hexagon wrench, this should be based on their own faucet screws to choose. Then he prepares a sharp-nosed clamp and a knife.

2.We must first find the faucet water source switch, replace the spool. Then turn it off to prevent the water from being replaced. Then find the Lengran water button or plastic cap, with a knife to gently pry it down, so you can see inside the screws.


3.See what shape the screw is a word or a cross flower, open hot and cold water button. or hexagonal screws, then decide which screwdriver to use, or the hexagon wrench. Remove the screws from the hole with a screwdriver and then pull the handle off the faucet.

4.Some valve core outside also have a layer of fixed shell cover, remove the handle can see inside the spool. Remove the lid. Then you can see the fixed spool of the card, the card is generally four claws, with a beak clamp on both sides of the two claws, and then rotate clockwise to remove the card.

5.You can remove the bad spool and then the new valve core installed on the card pieces after unloading. The previous method in turn, the other components back to the device, will be installed after the faucet, tap the water valve, try to see if the leak, no problem will be locked tightly, the hot and cold water plastic cap can be installed.

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