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Kitchen faucet installation

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

Common kitchen faucet Installation method:

1.The single hole kitchen faucet installs: Because the kitchen faucet uses the frequency to be high, moreover is moved to move, extremely easy to loosen, therefore the kitchen faucet installs the nut must tighten tightly. At present, there are some faucets in the market to increase the screw nut fixed, this stable effect is relatively good.

2.Thermostat kitchen faucet installation: Before the installation of thermostatic faucet, please check the water pipe is not Zouge right cold, remember not to connect the hot and cold water pipe, lest the faucet does not work properly. Gas, solar water heaters can not use thermostatic faucet, because the pressure is too low. Install thermostatic faucet Remember not to forget to install hot and cold water filter.

3.Single handle kitchen faucet installation: General single handle mixing basin faucet in the factory are attached to the installation of size drawings and instructions, before the installation and use should open the product packaging inspection accessories are complete.


General fittings shall be fitted with:

1.A full set of fixed bolts and fixed copper pieces and gaskets;

2.A full set of basin lifting water device;

3.Two root inlet pipe.

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