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Kitchen faucet in chrome

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 22, 2017

Kitchen faucet selection

First,water saving

Whether from society or individual, savings are more harm than good Buy faucet important point to consider saving, the purchase depends on whether the water can be adjusted,the maximum and minimum water dragon arrangements are reasonable and so on.


Kitchen faucet is durable, related to the mood when cooking, and this is not related to the leading surface treatment process. Some brands have been in the pH near 3 acidic high temperature environment has been tested and found that more than 4 hours is still intact,indicating that the surface treatment process is very strong. The surface process affects the service life.



There is a pull-style kitchen faucet on the market that draws up a stainless steel hose up to 1.5 m from the nozzle position with a rotation angle of up to 360 degrees. The nozzle can easily reach the place where you need to rinse or use water and make it clean. When choosing a faucet,try to try it yourself and see if it is reasonable and comfortable. `


Kitchen in the labor often need both hands and use,often only the little thumb free. If only a finger can control the temperature and water flow of the faucet more convenient ah! Now,a kind of faucet not only has a rotating control handle,in the leading position also has a button,touch the button can let the shape of the water column changes,There is also a switch button next to control the water.

Five,easy to clean

Chinese cooking habits make the kitchen fumes larger,so the lead easily stained with oil and water stains,cleaning has become annoying problems, and after repeated cleaning,leading the surface easy to lose luster. If the leading surface treatment,however,may buy the product in a good state,but used for some time,there will be coating discoloration,loss of the phenomenon,so buy a tap must understand its warranty period.


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