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Industrial style faucet kitchen

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2017

1,Dark equipment, after the first installed, the bathroom will look simple and beautiful, this is the advantage of dark faucet, if a little bit of common sense, post-maintenance will not be very troublesome.

2,There are two difficulties in the installation, one is to determine how deep the wall to dig, the other is how to catch hot and cold water pipes. Take a single handle concealed faucetas an example to do the following description, as shown below




The thickness of the AC section is the thickness of the main body, but also the depth of the wall need to dig, AC section of the thickness is fixed, it is recommended to buy a faucet, the amount of good AC segment thickness and then digging the wall The Look at the main body of the embedded box, the thickness of the AC section is the maximum thickness of the embedded box. The thickness of the BC section is the minimum thickness of the embedded box. The depth of the wall is as long as it can be between the BC section and the AC section. The AB section of the box can be cut off with an industrial knife, AB section to adjust the thickness of the role of the embedded box, so the main body of the embedded box than the average body to master the depth of digging the wall.

Then hot and cold water pipes on the water and electricity workers is no problem, for ordinary people a little trouble, first hot and cold water interface with PVC pipeout, and then according to your reserved water pipe interface to connect the two ends together. The main body of the hot and cold water interface is not fixed, the figure of the two interfaces at the same end, if the handle is the kind of two main body on both sides, is not the same, so no way to set the exact Water pipe interface, can only be roughly reserved position.

3, the difficulty is that the above two points, the main body installed, the decorative cup or cover sets up, and then take out the nozzle and handle, respectively, with a screw lock on the OK. Repair the first time to remove the nozzle and handle, and then remove the decorative cup or cover, you can replace the spool or do other maintenance.

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