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Industrial kitchen sink faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

How to choose a kitchen sink, faucet Method steps:

1. Look at the sink faucet quality high-quality flume processing fine, surface has a good finish, the faucet surface can almost close to the mirror effect, and without losing true.

The lightweight and thin sink faucet not only gives the sink the largest washing space, but also the water spilled into the sink can be easily wiped into the sink. The bubbler allows the water and air to be mixed thoroughly so that the water has the effect of foaming, so that the erosion force of the water is improved, thereby effectively reducing the amount of water used.


2. Listen, good sink faucet is cast copper through the whole, beating the surface will hear crisp sound, if the sound sounds dull, it is made of inferior materials, and high-quality sink faucet should be made of stainless steel, Quality does not belong to the same grade.

3. weigh

High-quality sink faucet are made of stainless steel, and stainless steel is a ferroalloy, the proportion of steel is 7.87, which added nickel, chromium heavy metals, the proportion of these metals than steel to large, so the weight is relatively heavy. Good sink faucet, there will be a strong texture, can be resolved by weighing.

Turn to

Gently turn the handle, can be simple and active, with or without hysteresis. Look at the faucet switch seamless, tense, not slippery faucet is relatively better. Poor gap, large sense of resistance.

5. Check

Check the various parts of the faucet, see whether the assembly can be loose without a sense of precision. Usually single-handle faucet at the factory are equipped with assembly drawings and the use of interpretation of the book. In the assembly before the use of commodity packaging should be opened to review the certificate, so as to avoid the "three no" products. If it is more concerned about the import of goods. Also check the accessories can be intact, usually accessories should be equipped with: a full set of solid bolts and solid copper and gasket; a full set of pulling water; two water pipes. The main body is generally made of brass, bronze (or copper alloy) forged.

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