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Industrial kitchen faucets stainless steel

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017


Stainless steel faucet safe lead-free,no corrosion and exudate,no smell or turbidity problems.Will not cause secondary pollution of water quality,to maintain clean water quality,health and safety to achieve complete guarantee.

Field corrosion test data show that the life of stainless steel up to 100 years,life cycle almost no maintenance, to avoid the replacement of the cost and trouble,low operating costs. Realize stainless steel faucet with building life.


China has become the world's largest producer of kitchen supplies,kitchen supplies the main material 304 # stainless steel does not lead,no rust,environmental protection,health,is a worldwide consensus.Stainless steel products do not have to electroplating,polished in the surface treatment process as long as the polished material to produce powder,dust filter is good,the air environment pollution is very small,has not seen because of stainless steel polished caused by occupational diseases.Stainless steel faucet in the need for cleaning, the use of detergent with a steel ball wipe,a red water,as bright as new.Ceramic spool is a professional manufacturer of products,the market used to protect for 5 years,when the need to replace the spool,as long as the contact with the leading dealers,according to the leading model to buy a new valve plug,the faucet can be the same as the new normal use Reduce the trouble of re-replacing the faucet and the waste of resources.

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