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How to install wall mount bathroom faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

1. Start the installation, check the appearance of the product is intact, accessories are complete

2. It's best to wear gloves when installing to prevent your fingers from hurting

3. Put the decorative cover down and dress in

4. In the faucet interface around the raw material belt, around 12 laps around


5. Tap the hole on the wall

The first one, the space is large enough, directly to the right rotation to almost tight can not be too large, and then install to complete

The second type is not enough space to rotate directly

A. The place of the hand holding down the shell and the curved pipe link, the hard counterclockwise rotation

B. Loosen and keep turning until you rotate the nut.

C. Gently pull out the elbow, the rest of the shell is well installed

D. Then gently insert the elbow, clockwise to turn the nut into, tighten, installation complete

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