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How to install bathroom sink faucet and drain

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

1.The general mixer faucet at the factory is attached to the installation dimension diagram and the use of the note.

2.Before the installation and use should open the Commodity Packaging inspection certificate, so as not to use three no products. If imported goods should be particularly careful. In addition, should check whether the hardware fittings are complete, general hardware fittings should be equipped with: fixed bolts and fixed copper pieces and gaskets; a full set of basin-lift water, and two into the pipe. Pull out the faucet up and down the handle feel open and close lightly and slightly with the average soft block advisable. And then to check the electroplating surface, to bright, no bubble freckles and scratches prevail.


3.If the faucet is used in the new building, because the water supply pipe network is a new shop will certainly have sand grains and other impurities, before installation should be long water until water quality can be installed. Install the two inlet pipes at one end of the faucet, the other end of the two hot and cold angle valve or connected to two hot and cold joints.

4.Basin to water installation, at the bottom of the basin to connect the lift to water, at the end of the s or P-shaped pipe. Open use do not force too fierce caused by man-made damage, usually after the use of the faucet surface should be wiped clean. Use a period of time to intercept hot and cold water can be used spanner carefully twist the mouth strainer cleaning impurities after carefully installed. 

5.A lot of faucet production companies have a certain quality assurance commitment to products, the general leading manufacturers to implement three-year quality assurance, commitment to three years of product quality issues free repair, three years later can enjoy life-long service.

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