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How to fix leaky faucet kitchen sink

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

Sink faucet leaking How to do? First of all to find out is the sink faucet which part of the problem. Brief introduction of the different parts of the water faucet leakage maintenance skills.

In the first case, the junction is leaking: The cover nut is loosely loosened, then you can reconnect the cap nut or replace the new U-shaped gasket.


The second case, Faucet junction leakage: The cause of leakage is no more than tying the faucet part of the fixed screw water tape damage caused. So just use the wrench to remove the faucet and roll up the new water-retaining tape where the screws are fixed. First, the faucet is tied tightly, with the wrench to rotate the faucet counterclockwise; the thread hole outward, in the threaded part with the wind-screen tape on the clock roll 5-6 back; see if the faucet has adjusted the use of water tied plate clamp clockwise clock direction; after installation, open the main switch and try to confirm if it will still leak.

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