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How to do the normal protection of the faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

First, the water has the knowledge to ensure healthy drinking water

Experts suggest that open the tap every morning, you can first empty for a while, these water Shing installed, used to wash the bathroom, mopping the floor and so on. Because the water just turned on the faucet usually with more harmful substances, such as separation of more lead. Similarly, a long time did not turn on the tap, can not immediately access water for drinking.

Second, the longer the longer the more the lead out of the more time to replace

Timely replacement of faucets. Now tap water with chlorine as a disinfectant, the remaining chlorine compounds in water will increase the separation of lead elements in the tap. Usually, the use of copper alloy taps more than 5 years, the lead will be greatly increased the amount of separation. Therefore, the proposed use of the faucet at home the moment should not be too long.

Third, diligent finishing order to eradicate the screen impurities

Such as the use of a period of time, the water was found to reduce, and even the appearance of water heater flameout may be blocked with water and sediment screen. At the moment in the faucet of the outlet quietly unscrew the screen cover, you can eradicate impurities. Generally speaking, the time to clean the screen impurities, up to three months time, the water quality of the health of their families is very good.

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