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Cool kitchen faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Kitchen hot and cold faucet

What is the principle of hot and cold faucet? In fact, hot and cold faucet is also called "mixed faucet", that is, the cold water and hot water mix together, but also to adjust the water temperature of the faucet. Its principle is mainly in the tap of the internal use of very high precision ceramic tablets or steel quality of the valve core to control the water, so the use of the faucet when the direction of the different cold water and hot points.


When we turn the faucet to be in the water condition, drive the ceramic piece to move, make the top hole open completely, the right hole is completely closed. So that cold water can not enter the spool, hot water into the spool, six spool of a small space, ceramic piece irregular concave hole shown. After doing the following holes into the main body, this is the principle of hot water in and out. Open the handle to the right is cold water, the middle hot and cold water pipe channel Open at the same time, outflow is warm.

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