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commercial taps for kitchens

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Electric taps, also known as hot water taps or fast hot taps, including taps body and water flow control switch, taps body with heating chamber and electrical control chamber, separated by sealing plate, electrical control chamber with heating circuit, heating chamber There is a heating tube, the heating tube power is generally 2-3KW, 3-5 seconds to heat the hot water, heating pipe connected to the heating circuit, which is characterized by the heating tube for the insulation heating tube; insulation heating tube For the water and electricity isolation insulated heating tube; taps body for the majority of high temperature engineering plastic type, a small number of all-metal type; electrical control chamber with insulated water pressure switch. The heating circuit is provided with an electrical switch, which is connected with the end of the insulated hydraulic switch, and is connected with water and electricity. The temperature controller and the anti-dry device are provided, and the leakage protection switch can be provided.


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