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Commercial pre-rinse faucet spray

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

The use of a large diameter spring and sealed piston automatic current limiting technology,the basic principle of the principle of the spool plugs and floating piston and spring and other components of the automatic detection device,when the water pressure increases,the compression of the spring, the piston And the output water flow is reduced.When the water supply pressure is reduced,the spring return causes the piston to move the water stopper to move in the opposite direction, so that the effective water supply area of the water passage increases,and the output of the water supply The water flow increases,so that the automatic adjustment of reciprocating,so that the water plug can change with the size of the inlet pressure and up and down to keep the flow of water is relatively stable,to achieve the purpose of constant current.


The piston is sealed with a lip ring to ensure that all water flows through the water passage,greatly improving the detection sensitivity;large diameter spring in the water pressure fluctuations,the piston can respond quickly,than ordinary rubber-type water-saving and open Piston water-saving device is more stable.

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