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commercial kitchen taps spray

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017


(Flow rate of 4.5-6L / min), the flow rate is greater, the erosion force is stronger, greatly reduced. The water-saving taps (flow rate is 4.5-6L / min) The washing time and the amount of water used.


Ordinary water-saving taps for water-saving in the restricted flow while reducing the flow rate, the relative decline in washing effect. Spray-type water-saving device using direct-pressure nozzle (has applied for national patent), the water flow through the nozzle, resulting in high-speed water, high-speed water encountered obstacles after the small water droplets, close to the umbrella-shaped high-speed spray, increased washing Area, visual and sense of water and the actual flow is very small, washed strong, greatly reduce the decontamination capacity, shorten the use of time, greatly reduced water consumption.


Water-saving device directly screwed in the faucet outlet, convenient and quick.

Water-saving effect statistics: normal wash the number of people about 15 times a day, each habit of water for about 10 seconds, according to the current open-type ceramic spool faucet flow rate of 6L / min, daily water consumption of 15L. Such as spray-type faucet 2L / min, year on year use, daily water consumption of 5L, water-saving 10L, annual water-saving 3600L = 3.6 tons, according to the average price of 2.8 yuan / ton, saving water 10.08 yuan per household 3 People, the annual water fee of 30 yuan.


The disadvantage is the use of water when the noise and a slight splash, the family when the water consumption time is longer.

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