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commercial kitchen faucets with sprayer

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Ordinary faucet water is a column outflow, especially in the wash when the waste of water is very serious, most of the water did not come into contact with the skin white flow. Kitchen faucets with sprayer its unique design so that the water was cone-shaped mist outflow, cone-shaped water flow can cover all the skin, both hands clean and no extra waste, for the public water, money, Energy saving.


The second generation of energy-saving faucet, water flow shape for the mist, can not be adjusted, after the installation of the valve can be used to open; third generation of energy-saving nozzle can control the flow of water flow, can be mist / column conversion, , The rotation is upward columnar. The product is equipped with a flat filter and a recessed filter to solve the problem of clogging due to different water quality. (According to the different water quality, can regularly clean the filter)


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